terça-feira, 4 de dezembro de 2007

Spam on Orkut

Say no to hoax messages!

Nadine Sequeira

We hate hoax emails! For example: have you received a message that claims Diana, the director of Orkut, has asked you to forward the message to your friends so we don’t shut down your account due to an overload? Or that orkut is going to start charging for accounts unless you appear to be an active user by forwarding the message? Or maybe you have received an email from someone claiming to be Google and asking for money? Do you think it's weird but still send it to all your friends ‘just in case’?

These messages are spam: bulk messages sent from malicious users trying to trick you into doing what they like! And you can rest easy because
we don’t shut down random accounts due to overload, and orkut is a free service and will remain so! And of course we would never send you messages and ask you to forward them. A lot of variations of these sorts of messages have been making their rounds on orkut for a long time now, and we'd like to put an end to it. So, if you ever get a message that seems questionable, instead of sending it to your friends list, report it in the orkut Help group or follow these important steps in the help center. Just say no to spam!

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